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Migration to public cloud has been slow but steady over the past decade. Over the years, cloud providers have improved the security of their environments, nonetheless, the shared responsibility model dictates that users implement the controls to secure their assets in those environments. Read this report from TAG Cyber to see if you can improve your enterprise security teams’ cloud security risk posture.

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Zero trust is suffering an identity crisis. It is not a technology or methodology, but in fact more like an attitude of resilience This Impact Brief from AiteNovarica provides recommendations for global business and technology professionals to mitigate pressing challenges facing identity and privilege management. 

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Cloud security is a key concern for many organizations, and security teams want a comprehensive view of their environments with minimal friction. Download this paper from 451 Research that discusses Orca Security's approach that aims to address this imbalance.

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Educational Whitepapers

Supply Chain Attacks Spyderbat

Organizations already face an increasing volume and complexity of cyber attacks. Supply chain attacks are a fast growing method for infiltration. In a supply chain attack, bad actors attempt to infiltrate an organization by exploiting vulnerabilities in its supply chain network. Learn more about protecting your organization using attack tracing and inception tools to change the way you handle early threat discovery and investigation.


In order to effectively use security tools & products, SOCs stitch them together with workflows and automation. Often, these  integrations become more disjointed and unwieldy as the number of tools and processes needed to support them increases. This guide will provide an overview of how automation can be applied to an organization’s entire SOC threat detection and response workflow and help choose the appropriate solutions that will best enable your organization to defend against cyber threats in an efficient and scalable manner.

Threat Det and Response Exabeam

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Keeping secrets encrypted and tightly wrapped makes it harder for developers to both access and distribute them. This can lead developers to choose the path of least resistance when handling them which may include hardcoding them into source code, distributing them through email or messaging systems like Slack. These secrets expose companies to easy and direct attacks. Learn more about how to solves this issue by automating secrets detection for Application Security and Data Loss Prevention purposes.

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