Automating Risk Management at Scale for the Modern CISO


In this Web Briefing, our CISO panel will debate questions around accounting for these risks at scale, monitoring security posture changes, integrating with an active ecosystem of existing tools and processes, and developing a common language for communicating risk with other executives and staff.


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Undisclosed cybersecurity breaches are a daily occurrence. While major attacks like SolarWinds and Hafnium send cybersecurity teams running to check their exposure because they make headlines, systematic risk from supply chain and other partner organizations necessitates a continuous monitoring cycle for third-party risk management and compliance.

The briefing will focus on how cybersecurity ratings (CSR) have evolved, where industry analysts see gaps, and the innovations expected over the next 12-18 months. Cybersecurity leaders, whether at large firms with thousands of partners or smaller organizations with 20 crucial ones, ought to be thinking about new approaches to resilience such as chaos engineering and discussions of systemic and cognitive risk, will find great value in this discussion.

Attend the Web Briefing to learn:
  • Best strategies to approach and measure risk
  • How to integrate continuous monitoring for your third-party risk
  • How to develop a common language for communicating risk to gain management buy-in and support
Risk Management
Top Cybersecurity Concerns

Senior cybersecurity professionals will discuss why your 3rd party vendors put you at higher risk than you think, including details on all the undisclosed breaches that may not be circulating in the news.

Live Interactive CISO Panel

Get Involved! Ask questions to the live expert CISO panelists to share concerns, ideas and get involved with the cybersecurity community.

Best Practices

Industry experts will discuss their experiences, intended plans, and exchange best practices for how to address third-party risk management and compliance.

CISO Panelists

Jim Stephens
Chief Information Security Officer - TransMagic, Inc.
Jim Stephens
Chief Information Security Officer - TransMagic, Inc.

IT professional successful at leading a broad range of corporate IT initiatives including the planning, budgeting, and implementation of secure infrastructures, and direct support of management, engineering, sales, technical support and high profile clients to meet their business objectives.

Mike Wilkes
CISO - Security Scorecard
Mike Wilkes
CISO - Security Scorecard

Senior security executive with broad experience designing, building and supporting high-availability infrastructures for the financial services, energy, travel, media and retail sectors.

Dmitriy Sokolovskiy
Chief Information Security Officer - Avid Technology Inc.
Dmitriy Sokolovskiy
Chief Information Security Officer - Avid Technology Inc.

An information security leader with a solid mix of design and implementation experience in all facets of the Information Security. Emphasis on securing entire enterprise environments by utilizing industry best practices in breach remediation, security assessments, internal client mentoring and policy development.

Carlota Sage
vCISO - Fractional CISO
Carlota Sage
vCISO - Fractional CISO

I thrive in that squishy area where business and technology meet human nature. I build the relationships that get your security, technology, business processes and people working together better.

My background includes information architecture, enterprise infrastructure, information security, and knowledge management - I help make information flow within your organization, to your partners and customers, and to the world at large.

In my spare time, I make jewelry, rebuild/race/destroy old Mazdas, or find myself on random adventures where I get locked into Eastern Bloc-era buildings that require my MacGuyver-esque skills to escape.


Event Agenda

2:00 PM
Welcome & Introductions
2:05 PM
Overview of the Current 3rd-Party Risk Management Landscape
2:20 PM
CISO Panel Discussion
3:10 PM
Solution Review
3:20 PM
Live Q&A & Closing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Whom is this event intended for?

This Web Briefing is organized for InfoSec and cybersecurity professional looking to expand their knowledge base and interact with fellow industry experts.

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What are CyberConnect Web Briefings?

CyberConnect Web Briefings™ are a new format for online interaction with thought leaders, industry analysts and innovative solution providers.  These panel discussions run 75-90 minutes and include an analyst briefing, live interactive discussions, audience Q&A and a review of potential solutions.

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How do I participate?

Each CyberConnect Web Briefing encourages interaction between the expert panelists and the audience. This moderated panel, and featured analyst, will take live questions asked during the discussion and provide key takeaways from subject matter experts. Register, attend, network with peers and get involved with the cybersecurity community.

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How do I receive my CPE Credit?

All live attendees will receive a certificate of attendance after the Web Briefing. This certificate can be used to apply for your valid CPE credit.